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 SHOUT by LnD!

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SHOUT by LnD! Empty
PostSubject: SHOUT by LnD!   SHOUT by LnD! EmptySun Feb 27, 2011 11:03 pm

After a hugely successful workshop on the “ Parliamentary Debate “ and a couple of quiz competitions , the LITERARY AND DEBATING CLUB of M.I.T (L&D) in association with the Student council had organized a four day literary fest named SHOUT during the PRE-REVELS .

We started on 9th of Feb. with the “Debating competition” in which there were numerous people with impeccable debating skills. The topic given was “Westernization is a boon to the Indian society.” It was a normal “For and against” debate, with 2 members in a team (one for and the other against), who were judged based on their content, diction, fluency and rebuttal skills! The finals were then held in the “Parliamentary format”.

On the same day, we had the fun-filled “EXTEMPORE”. We had to prepare on the given topic for a minute and speak on it for two minutes. The finale was then held in the “SWITCH QUOTES” format.

On the next day we had one of the most BREATHTAKING of all events called “JAM (Just a minute)” in which the participants were divided into groups of 6. A topic was then given by the moderator (who is the GOD, because he takes the final call). If a person makes an error while speaking (grammatical, incoherency, delayed start, early start, OD, repetition, tone change, etc.), he/she would be objected by the person who JAMS first, and then he/she would continue!

Following JAM, we had a fun filled event called “POTPOURRI” which was a mixed bag of various events (the contents were disclosed on the spot). Two hours of unlimited fun was what we had!!

Then finally we had the quiz competition “Jack of all trades” conducted by the President of the club himself, which was held in an altogether different format.

After a really successful PRE-REVEL organized by an indefatigable group of people, we are now heading for the MIGHTY REVELS and L&D brings to you a PANORAMA of mind- boggling events. So set your adrenaline gushing and heart racing for the upcoming journey!!

S. Anirudh

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