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 MUN Manipal Chapter

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PostSubject: MUN Manipal Chapter   Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:20 am

Manipal: The MIT MUN Summit 2010 saw an addition of 2 extra councils namely the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and The Crisis Committee (CC) to the already four existing councils. It was held from Oct 22nd to 24th at MIT. Though chaos, confusion and lack of preparation remained the order of the MUN Summit this time, the event was pulled of well in the end.
General Assembly (GA) discussed the arms race in outer space, IAEA discussed the situation in Iraq and the Legal Committee(LC) discussed the scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction amongst the councils. On the second day as a part of the procedure, crisis was introduced in every council which set all the councils in action and discussions and debates got more intense.
“GA is extremely difficult to handle. I have been doing the MIT MUN for the past three years and this year the debate and discussions have been phenomenal. I am more than happy to see the smaller countries supporting USA” said the delegate of USA, Divyam Nagpal, in the GA. A student of VIT, he won the Best Delegate for the third consecutive year in the GA.
There was a huge turnout of delegates almost close to 200 in number. “The councils were brilliant the first times were outstanding. The executive board and the secretariat did a fantastic job and handled things well amidst chaos. I only wish we could have provided all the delegates with ac rooms” the President Abhishek Rajan said.
The closing ceremony was headed by the Principal Consultant, Prateek Kumar. He was the first one who came up with the idea on an MUN in Manipal. He informed TMJ that the preparations went a miss due to the miscommunication between the secretariat and the directorate. MUN is divided into the secretariat which conducts the conference and the directorate which mainly involves in the publicity and logistics.
The Chief Guest, Dr Alapati Vittaleswar, Deputy Director of MIT, said that “MIT MUN is conducted each year because there is more than technical knowledge which students should have. Awareness about world issues helps students build a stronger future. This is the right platform to express opinions and with the contemporary thinking that the student delegates have today, their opinions are very valuable.” He is also the faculty coordinator of MUN.
USA remained in main air as the best delegate award went to the delegates of USA from GA and Security Council and the High Commendation award in the CC and LC. The delegate of Iran, amidst various discussions fought back and won the best delegate for the IAEA.

Really thankful to Deeksha Awasthi from The Manipal Journal for her wonderful coverage of the event and allowing us to post here
Thank you Deeksha!

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MUN Manipal Chapter
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